How To Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home*

Living in university halls can be a big step for students, particularly first years. I personally struggled at first and found settling in to be a huge deal. A huge factor in this, for me, was my room. It felt like a prison cell not somewhere I could chill out and relax and do uni work. I was fed up of the plain walls and a lack of fairy lights. SEE FULL POST →

All Wrapped Up


A Few of My Favourite Gifts This Christmas


Playful Purple


New purchases - Rose gold, geometrics & marble

So I'm sure you're no stranger to the marble and rose gold trends as well as the wirey kind of geometric pieces. Well.. I felt I had to get on board and when I saw these I just HAD to purchase them. They will look so pretty around the house and I cannot wait to whip out my cute stationary at university. Also ordered a cute marble phone case with my name on. The geometric lamp was from Primark for around £5, what a bargain though. I have always adored Primark, I mean I know th… SEE FULL POST →

Floral Fancy

Today pictures were taken literally outside my student house so the backgrounds a bit lack lustre but I guess you get a real feel for 'street style' and the type of area I am currently situated in (it's not very fancy and there's very few pretty places to get blog pictures). How cute is this leather jacket I bought yesterday? It was only about £25 and from Primark of all places! You wouldn't think it would you? The rest of the outfit is all Primark too bar the hou… SEE FULL POST →

If You Go Down To The Woods Today

Today was SUCH a fun day. I can honestly say that taking these pictures was so much fun. When I first looked outside after getting myself all ready to take blog posts, I was a little dismayed when I saw the thick fog lurking all around me. This, however, I believe proved to be a plus as HOW AWESOME DID THESE PICTURES TURN OUT? I'm feeling really positive about the blog, I feel like I'm making progress and hopefully that the editing and photography skills are coming along too.… SEE FULL POST →

High Quality High Street Make-Up

I'm a lover of high quality make-up, as I am sure every one is BUT I particularly love it when it comes at an affordable price. It's all well and good to market high quality make-up at five billion pounds (ok slight over shot) but being able to afford it is another matter.  If you're looking for affordable, cost effective make-up that matches up to high quality make-up then look no further. I'm sure many of you have heard of Make- up Revolution. Well, they're the … SEE FULL POST →