How To Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home*

Living in university halls can be a big step for students, particularly first years. I personally struggled at first and found settling in to be a huge deal. A huge factor in this, for me, was my room. It felt like a prison cell not somewhere I could chill out and relax and do uni work. I was fed up of the plain walls and a lack of fairy lights. SEE FULL POST →

Unicorn And Mermaid Purchases As Well As Some Cute Candles

Yesterday I went shopping and stumbled across these cute unicorn and mermaid items as well as some pretty candles. Not only are they cute af, they were also so cheap! The unicorn socks/star socks are from Home Bargains as well as the heart candle. They came in a pack of three. The mermaid, the flower candles and the unicorn lights are all Primark. Just had to do a quick post showing you these beauties as they're too pretty. All you unicorn and mermaid lovers need to get down to H… SEE FULL POST →

Lush Haul - Cosmic Gift Box, Unicorn Horn and You've Been Mangoed

So, credit where credit's due, my other half bought this for me as a surprise. I'm a lucky lady. I've never had a Lush gift box before so it was really nice. Cosmics packaging is just divine too! When I removed the packaging, I loved how the bath bombs had been so carefully packaged to ensure no broken bath bombs. You'd think I had received a vase or something! Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the hand dyed packaging it looked truly beaut and felt so homemade … SEE FULL POST →

Lovisa Haul - Cute ASF Jewellery Finds

So, I was recently shopping around Preston hoping to find something nice to buy for my sisters birthday. I was on my way to Superdrug (I was planning on maybe getting her some makeup or perfume or something) when I noticed this shop called Lovisa. I'd seen that shop quite a few times but chosen to never go in, until now. In I went and WOW. As soon as I entered the door I knew I was gunna be broke. I like quirky jewellery however, I find this hard to source on the high street. I us… SEE FULL POST →

Oversized Shirt Dress And OTK Boots

This oversized shirt dress just goes SO well with OTK boots it's like they were made for one another. I personally cannot get enough of these grunge, band shirt looking oversized shirt dresses. I love dressing a bit dark and grungey yet girly so these are the perfect item to add to  my wardrobe; especially with these OTK boots. I love the way there's a choker that's like part of the dress. This added choker alongside the grunginess of the tee is super in at the moment and… SEE FULL POST →

Floral Fancy

Today pictures were taken literally outside my student house so the backgrounds a bit lack lustre but I guess you get a real feel for 'street style' and the type of area I am currently situated in (it's not very fancy and there's very few pretty places to get blog pictures). How cute is this leather jacket I bought yesterday? It was only about £25 and from Primark of all places! You wouldn't think it would you? The rest of the outfit is all Primark too bar the hou… SEE FULL POST →

If You Go Down To The Woods Today

Today was SUCH a fun day. I can honestly say that taking these pictures was so much fun. When I first looked outside after getting myself all ready to take blog posts, I was a little dismayed when I saw the thick fog lurking all around me. This, however, I believe proved to be a plus as HOW AWESOME DID THESE PICTURES TURN OUT? I'm feeling really positive about the blog, I feel like I'm making progress and hopefully that the editing and photography skills are coming along too.… SEE FULL POST →