Nail Your Valentine's Day With This Simple Nail Art

With Valentine's day fast approaching, us girls have to get everything in check ready for a date night with the girls or a nice meal with our other halves. Something I personally love to do is be themed - on Valentine's I'll wear something cute with hearts on it or opt for red to really get into the Valentines day spirit. What better way to do this than through a bit of easy nail art? It'll be enough to get you right in the mood for lurrrveee. SEE FULL POST →

All Wrapped Up


Is Blush Queen the Queen of all blush palettes? For £6 - I think so.


An Affordable Glitter Liner To Add Some Sparkle To Your Valentines


January 2017 Best Bits

Here's a few of my best bits from my second month of blogging. I'll talk about some of my achievements this month as I think it's nice to reflect on the good in order to progress. Favourite Photography I really like these pictures I think they're great and I aspire to ensure all my photography is as good and hopefully better than this in the months to come. Personal Goals Achieved At the end of 2016, I set myself some personal goals . Now I know it's only a month lat… SEE FULL POST →

Lush Haul - Cosmic Gift Box, Unicorn Horn and You've Been Mangoed

So, credit where credit's due, my other half bought this for me as a surprise. I'm a lucky lady. I've never had a Lush gift box before so it was really nice. Cosmics packaging is just divine too! When I removed the packaging, I loved how the bath bombs had been so carefully packaged to ensure no broken bath bombs. You'd think I had received a vase or something! Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the hand dyed packaging it looked truly beaut and felt so homemade … SEE FULL POST →

Lovisa Haul - Cute ASF Jewellery Finds

So, I was recently shopping around Preston hoping to find something nice to buy for my sisters birthday. I was on my way to Superdrug (I was planning on maybe getting her some makeup or perfume or something) when I noticed this shop called Lovisa. I'd seen that shop quite a few times but chosen to never go in, until now. In I went and WOW. As soon as I entered the door I knew I was gunna be broke. I like quirky jewellery however, I find this hard to source on the high street. I us… SEE FULL POST →

January Wishlist

So, I thought I'd comprise a wishlist of all my January faves though it was kind of not productive as I ended up buying £50 worth of clothes off Boohoo lol oops. Wishlists should remain as wishlists when you're a student but hey ho! 1. These Jeans are new in for Missguided and I thought they were so cute and kinda quirky cos of the chains hanging off them. So grunge yet oddly chic. I adore them. 2. This denim skirt is a new in for Boohoo and is like a skirt I already own but … SEE FULL POST →

Playful Purple


Unicorn Makeup Brushes Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway Want to get your hands on these brushes? Seeing as I reached 100 followers on Bloglovin' I thought I'd do a giveaway and give back to the beautiful people who have followed me. These brushes are huge right now and I thought it would be lovely to give a fresh set away to a lucky winner! Best of luck guys.  xxx Follow SEE FULL POST →

If You Go Down To The Woods Today

Today was SUCH a fun day. I can honestly say that taking these pictures was so much fun. When I first looked outside after getting myself all ready to take blog posts, I was a little dismayed when I saw the thick fog lurking all around me. This, however, I believe proved to be a plus as HOW AWESOME DID THESE PICTURES TURN OUT? I'm feeling really positive about the blog, I feel like I'm making progress and hopefully that the editing and photography skills are coming along too.… SEE FULL POST →

The Christmas Lush Bathbomb

For Christmas I was gifted this pretty Christmas lush bath bomb. I have been eager to try it out and I thought I'd let you guys know what I thought.  Firstly, how lovely does it look with the little Christmas holly on it. SO DAMN FESTIVE! Also there was an array of colours running throughout it which made it look like it'd be dreamy in the tub. The pinks are right up my street. In terms of the smell, it smelled nice but it didn't have a very strong fragrance about it, it … SEE FULL POST →

2017 Blogging Goals

So, as it's newly 2017 I decided I needed to set some blogging goals. I am a recent blogger and I really do care about you guys reading this blog and want to make it as entertaining as possible for my readers. There's literally nothing else in this world that I enjoy more than blogging so I want to make my content as good as possible.  1. My first blogging goal is to get better at taking pictures/editing them for my blog. I feel like this is something that I need to work on as… SEE FULL POST →

Cheap Fashionable Ebay Finds #2

This weeks bargain eBay finds are comprised of a few things I absolutely adored. Kat Von D's tattoo liner at a fraction of the price, amazing Unicorn Lashes dupes , clever mermaid scales nail art stickers and a new manicure for a fraction of the price in the salon! Now eyelashe s are literally my speciality as I must've bought hundreds of pairs from eBay in the past. Having just received these lashes in the post I simply had to add them here to my bargain eBay finds as they are… SEE FULL POST →

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year and this year certainly didn't disappoint. I had such a beautiful day with my family. I love a time that brings together friends, family around a plate of damn good food. What more could you want? SEE FULL POST →

Outfit Of The Day- Mermagic Shimmer

So today I did my first outfit of the day pictures. I promise these will improve I felt a little strange being so posey in front of the camera. I had such a laugh doing these images though and I will be taking pictures of my in a different brighter prettier location soon. SEE FULL POST →