10 Top Tips To Gain Followers And Pageviews As A New Blogger

New to blogging? Well, you're in the right place! As someone who has only been blogging for just over two months but has nearly 200 followers, I know how to get you on your way to success. 10 Top Tips To Gain Followers And Pageviews As A New Blogger When you first start blogging it can be so hard to gain traction on your posts. With an over-saturation of bloggers, it's easy to feel lost amidst them. Therefore, I decided that I wanted to offer you ten tips to get your blog off … SEE FULL POST →

January 2017 Best Bits

Here's a few of my best bits from my second month of blogging. I'll talk about some of my achievements this month as I think it's nice to reflect on the good in order to progress. Favourite Photography I really like these pictures I think they're great and I aspire to ensure all my photography is as good and hopefully better than this in the months to come. Personal Goals Achieved At the end of 2016, I set myself some personal goals . Now I know it's only a month lat… SEE FULL POST →

Our Trip To Llanrwst In Wales

This is the house where we stayed, it slept up to 15 people so was absolutely huuuuge. It was all vintage and like a throwback inside and was truly beautiful! Me and Dayle (the boyf) travelled down to go and see my sister who I hadn't seen for a while so seeing her was amazing. I also met her pals and saw her boyfriend who were all a good laugh. We arrived late as it took us like EIGHT HOURS OF TRAVEL to get there!!!  The first thing we did was drink lots of alcohol and play game… SEE FULL POST →

New purchases - Rose gold, geometrics & marble

So I'm sure you're no stranger to the marble and rose gold trends as well as the wirey kind of geometric pieces. Well.. I felt I had to get on board and when I saw these I just HAD to purchase them. They will look so pretty around the house and I cannot wait to whip out my cute stationary at university. Also ordered a cute marble phone case with my name on. The geometric lamp was from Primark for around £5, what a bargain though. I have always adored Primark, I mean I know th… SEE FULL POST →

The Christmas Lush Bathbomb

For Christmas I was gifted this pretty Christmas lush bath bomb. I have been eager to try it out and I thought I'd let you guys know what I thought.  Firstly, how lovely does it look with the little Christmas holly on it. SO DAMN FESTIVE! Also there was an array of colours running throughout it which made it look like it'd be dreamy in the tub. The pinks are right up my street. In terms of the smell, it smelled nice but it didn't have a very strong fragrance about it, it … SEE FULL POST →