My Favourite Budget Perfume

A good and affordable perfume is any girls dream, especially one that hasn't let her down over a good few number of years. We aim for a gorgeous scent that both lasts a good amount of time and is strong enough to be detected but not overpowering . I'm such a sucker for some good packaging and this perfume has the lot! A perfume I have consistently found myself reaching for over and over again throughout the years is Bae-yonce's heat . I have two different variations of the … SEE FULL POST →

Makeup Revolution Haul


Floral Fancy

Today pictures were taken literally outside my student house so the backgrounds a bit lack lustre but I guess you get a real feel for 'street style' and the type of area I am currently situated in (it's not very fancy and there's very few pretty places to get blog pictures). How cute is this leather jacket I bought yesterday? It was only about £25 and from Primark of all places! You wouldn't think it would you? The rest of the outfit is all Primark too bar the hou… SEE FULL POST →

High Quality High Street Make-Up

I'm a lover of high quality make-up, as I am sure every one is BUT I particularly love it when it comes at an affordable price. It's all well and good to market high quality make-up at five billion pounds (ok slight over shot) but being able to afford it is another matter.  If you're looking for affordable, cost effective make-up that matches up to high quality make-up then look no further. I'm sure many of you have heard of Make- up Revolution. Well, they're the … SEE FULL POST →

Cheap Fashionable Ebay Finds #2

This weeks bargain eBay finds are comprised of a few things I absolutely adored. Kat Von D's tattoo liner at a fraction of the price, amazing Unicorn Lashes dupes , clever mermaid scales nail art stickers and a new manicure for a fraction of the price in the salon! Now eyelashe s are literally my speciality as I must've bought hundreds of pairs from eBay in the past. Having just received these lashes in the post I simply had to add them here to my bargain eBay finds as they are… SEE FULL POST →