about me

'A plethora of colour in an achromatic world'

I'm 22, a student at Liverpool John Moore's University and constantly writhing to add a burst of colour in this somewhat colourless world.

At university I study Marketing - a subject that I am really interested in. My true dream though, is to succeed through this blog & to add 'a plethora of colour in an achromatic world'.

I'm totally obsessed with anything bright & vivid - throw in some shine and I'm hooked. Holographic things are right up my alley.

I'm completely fixated with photography and constantly want to better myself. I find it amazing how bloggers can truly capture their whole 'vibe' through a single photograph. Some opt for simplicity whereas others use colours - I am the latter.

I'm constantly wanting to meet other bloggers who share the same interests so if you're a holo-maniac then reach out! 

10 Facts About Me

1. I'm Colour Obsessed

2. I Don't Drink Tea/Coffee Very Often

3. I Can Play The Piano & The Cornet

4. I Can Sign The Alphabet

5. I Enjoy Reading A Good Book

6. You'll Often Find Me At The Bar

7. I Love Singing & Have Loads Of Cringey Old Youtube Videos Of It (lol)

8. I'm Really Soppy 

9. I Hate Being Alone

10. I Love Animals

If anyone has any questions they'd like to ask feel free to direct message me via Twitter/Instagram or reach out to me through my other social media platforms. I love & appreciate you all ♡

All illustrations by the wonderfully talented Kat Kennedy.