My Favourite Budget Perfume

A good and affordable perfume is any girls dream, especially one that hasn't let her down over a good few number of years. We aim for a gorgeous scent that both lasts a good amount of time and is strong enough to be detected but not overpowering. I'm such a sucker for some good packaging and this perfume has the lot!

A perfume I have consistently found myself reaching for over and over again throughout the years is Bae-yonce's heat. I have two different variations of the 'heat' perfume's that leave me lusting for more. 

My all-time favourite is the original Beyonce Heat which I have frequently used. It has the most gorgeous feminine scent that has notes of vanilla and magnolia. It truly is a beautiful scent and a real must-have for an incredible £13.67 for an outstanding 100ml. It is contained in a gorgeously fiery red bottle with gold accents making for a really aesthetically pleasing perfume.

I was also recently gifted Beyonce's Heat 'kissed' which too has the most gorgeous scent. It's really left me questioning which is my fave which has entirely shocked me. 

This perfume has elements of the original heat, however, it smells a little more tropical. It is a sensual and gorgeous perfume encased in a darker more sultry looking bottle. This version also comes in at a very pleasant £12.94 for 100ml.

Both perfumes are entirely enchanting and for such a low price for 100ml of fragrance, you are definitely getting a lot for your money. I can't recommend these perfumes enough and they have been a consistent fave of mine over the years - I'm constantly repurchasing. 

What's your favourite budget perfume you always find yourself reaching for? 

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