Makeup Revolution Haul

Makeup Revolution Haul

Makeup Revolution is probably my favourite makeup brand if I'm honest. Their prices, the quality... what's not to love. So, when I saw that if you spent £25 on MUR products you were eligible for a 'join the revolution' makeup kit worth £25, it's safe to say I was all over it. I mean who wouldn't want to double the amount of makeup they were receiving?

Having completely run out of my current highlighter, I opted to purchase a few highlighters. My current highlighter, MUA iridescent gold highlighter, is what dreams are made of and for a measly £3 it'd be hard to beat. I picked up one that looked oh so similar, but would it have the same payoff? The answer to this is a resounding YES. I was shocked to try this and see that it actually appeared to be more pigmented than my MUA one (I didn't even think this was possible) and had such a gorgeous golden glow. So, one highlighter down and a huge success; would the liquid highlighter disappoint?

I had seen these liquid highlighters everywhere a few months ago. So many bloggers... vloggers... friends... the girl next door... you get the idea. Everyone was talking about them. But, seeing as they sold out very quickly, little old Beckie over here didn't get her hands on one... until now. Firstly, I tried swatching this highlighter and it glided on to my hand like a gorgeous reflective chrome dream. This only made me more eager to try it and let me tell you, a little goes a long way. One squeeze of the applicator was enough to have me glowing like there was no tomorrow. My face was literally awash with a glow sent from the gods.  Let me tell you girls... if you want that GLO then this is the one for you.

My eyebrows are always in need of a little highlight/light concealer underneath and I was really struggling to find anything light enough to carve out those brows. Luckily, I stumbled across this eyebrow concealer stick. I saw loads of positive reviews and thought it'd be worth trying. I'm so glad I did! It's so light and really helps to define my brows. It also has a little bit of shimmer which really makes my brows pop. I absolutely love this stick, it's so easy to apply and really makes a difference.

Having already previously purchased a Makeup Revolution lip kit and loving it I felt it was time to add more to the collection and boy am I glad I did. Not only is this lip kit super affordable, it is also the most gorgeous plum colour I have ever come across. It suits my pale skin a dream and tops off any outfit. The lip liner is extremely pigmented though the lipstick itself requires a couple of layers to get that really poppin' plum look but who can complain when it was £6! I really have to admit, I love these lip kits. I've seen mixed reviews about them, however, I'm definitely an avid supporter.

Within my £26 haul, I also bought myself a 'Reloaded' palette named Iconic Vitality. The colours that really drew me to this palette were the beautiful pinks. I'm a sucker for a pink cut crease and I can't wait to try this out. Makeup Revolution never disappoints in the eyeshadow palette department. They are always incredibly pigmented, long lasting and of course easy on the budget. I'm hoping this particular palette lives up to my high expectations.

Yes, I got my hands on that concealer and is it as good as they say? YES. This is probably my favourite item from the entire haul. I picked up shade C2 (ideally wanted C1 as I'm so, so pale I'm basically translucent but it wasn't in stock) and I have to say that the coverage is flawless. It covers all my imperfections perfectly and has such a great applicator stick. It's larger than my usual concealers and makes application time faster. I really am a huge fan of this range of concealers - 18 colours is amazing for someone as pale as me!

All in all, Revolution did REALLY good apart from the fact I'm yet to recieve my promised £25 Join the Revolution makeup set. I rang up superdrug and they informed me that they aren't currently in stock and that I should receive one as soon as they are. I'm waiting to see if this happens.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Look out for an exciting blog overhaul in the next week or so (whole new redesign coming up).

Lots of love,