How To Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home*

Living in university halls can be a big step for students, particularly first years. I personally struggled at first and found settling in to be a huge deal. A huge factor in this, for me, was my room. It felt like a prison cell not somewhere I could chill out and relax and do uni work. I was fed up of the plain walls and a lack of fairy lights.

In order to really make yourself feel at home, you need to make it more you. Bring out your personality through your room. This meant that I had to get colourful as well as factor in all of my favourite things such as unicorns, mermaids, cacti and flowers.

My first step was to purchase a canopy for around £8 off ebay. I used to have these as a kid and feel more safe when I'm sleeping with it around me. I also added fairy lights to it and a unicorn at the top (of course).

The best place, I find, for homeware is Primark. Most of the stuff within my room is from there and it's really helped me express myself for a great and reasonable price. I also frequently visit Home Bargains, Wilkinsons and B&M and of course eBay - they have some great little buys at really affordable prices.

One of my favourite features of my room is this gorgeous little lamp. The lampshade was custom made with any material of my choosing from etsy by Riverlea Gifts. They have some really gorgeous custom pieces over in their shop which you should definitely check out. I opted for a fabric that represented mermaid scales as I'm such a fan of mermaids and unicorns it was just too fitting! I'm hoping to purchase a matching clock from there soon.

The lamp has a gold interior which reflects the light off of it and makes the lamp function very beautifully. It also adds a touch of luxe. 

As for the lampstand, it's actually a really old lamp that my mum got me when I was younger that we had in the house and she gave to me. So, in terms of that, I'm not actually sure where it was originally from! 

I also love my little fake plant that I have at the corner of my desk. It was such a cute, affordable find from b&m a number of years ago.

All in all, to make your university room truly feel like home you need to add a dash of you. You can achieve this by adding posters, candles, fairy lights, flowers, plants and one of my personal favourites is my pink lava lamp. I only purchased this about a week ago for around £8 on ebay. It's so soothing to watch and is just SO pretty! 

Be cautious though, as some halls can be funny about sticking things on the wall etc. so ensure that you adhere to these rules to avoid charges.

I hope you enjoyed this post - it was a slightly different one but I felt it was SO overdue about my room.