All Wrapped Up

So today I faced my fears and decided to do some fashion pictures for the blog. This is a big thing for me as I really thought that I was going to purely base my blog around beauty due to being image conscious. But FUCK it! It's a new year so let's do it...

I opted to wrap up warm due to the really cold weather we are having and cause I didn't really fancy getting shown up by storm Eleanor.

The Details...

The cap was £2 from New Look in the January sales. Pretty much bagged myself a bargain. I was wanting a plain cap for the gym but thought that I'd try style it up. Unfortunately it's not available on the web but I'll add similar below. My earrings were also from New Look - 50p in the sale! They no longer are offering them for 50p but you can get them for £2.49 here.

I kept with the Winter theme by wrapping up with a trusty Primark scarf I picked up for a really cheap price. The top is Pep&Co which was surprisingly situated within a Poundland - who'd have thought it! It was a mere £2 (Ok ok I'm a real bargain hunter).

I went with geometric trousers to add some detail to the outfit. These were from a charity shop however the label says George though I can't seem to find them anywhere online. I'll link similar below.

My shoes were £12 in the sale from Select Fashion and I have to say I'm so made up with these. They're so comfortable and warm and they look so damn good! AGAIN they're not online but they're selling extremely similar for £12.49 here.

I finished off the look with my warm Miss Selfridge Biker Jacket which I picked up a long time ago and is no longer available however they have extremely similar here.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!