Technics New Affordable Collection*

So Technic, that brand you hadn't heard that much about, has released some new products and DAMN you're SO going to hear a LOT more about them. 

I was fortunate enough to be sent some of their new collection to share with you all and, honestly they have upped their game.

I was sent one of their makeup brushes and it feels of super high quality even though it's a budget product. It works really well and gets the job done.

As for the mascara, it leaves my lashes so surprisingly long like HOW are these budget products? I thought it may be clumpy but it goes on really well and leaves my lashes looking great.

I also received a highlighter which, when I received it was like the sparkliest thing I'd ever laid my eyes upon. It was so pretty and sparkly that I had to try it out before taking these pictures so it lost some of its sparkle (SORRY I'm super impatient when it comes to products I love the look of).

When it goes on it's like a glowy dream all glitzy and radiant. I actually couldn't believe how stunning it is for a budget product.

Look how pretty it is!!! It's dreamy.

I was also sent this eyeshadow primer which actually turned out to be my favourite product I was sent (though, it was SO close as they all pulled out the stops). It is such a beautifully glitzy primer which looks just stunning below eyeshadow. It really makes the eyeshadow pop and looks absolutely stunning even worn alone. Its staying power is also really great, I struggled to get it off my hand haha!

Finally, I received this lipstick and I was expecting it to be kind of sheer but oh my gosh it's so pigmented and such a gorgeous colour. It reminds me of Kylie Jenners Dolce K which I own as it's such a gorgeous nude colour. A budget product which looks like Kylie's lipstick... not bad, not bad.

All in all, Technic are seriously one to watch. These products are all so impressive and I seriously recommend you take a look at their new collection. I was sent these products so this is a promoted post, however all views are my own. If I wasn't happy with something I would ensure that I let you know! 

Have you tried Technic before?