Foils Gold Nails for £2.25 - You'd Be a Foil Not To!

So, as a student, affording acrylic nails 24/7 just isn't really plausible. Therefore we gotta find ourselves an alternative! Whilst in Boots I stumbled across these House of Holland nails tossed aside from the main stand. To my delight, I then happened upon the giant red sale sign stating they were only £2.25.

I've had House of Holland nails many a time and they always come out top for me in the stick on nail world. Their designs are quirky, unlike anything on the market, and their glue.. their glue is something else!

This pack of nails includes nail glue and a cute little nail file as well as of course the 24 nails. They're super easy to apply: with a quick file of the nail and a bit of glue you're good to go. Typically, when I've worn these they've lasted me about a week which is so incredible for stick on nails! 

I'm such a big fan of having false nails that I really just can't go without, so when I'm having to scrimp a little these really are the perfect alternative to still keep my nails looking good. I really like the gold design on these, they're really cute and I was so shocked to see them on sale for such an amazing price: the glue's worth that alone! 

So, girls, I suggest you get yourselves down to Boots if you want the most gorgeous gold talons for such a small fee! I currently have them on and they're tap, tap, tapping away at my keyboard as I type.

Have you tried any of House of Hollands nails?