My Favourite Budget Perfume

A good and affordable perfume is any girls dream, especially one that hasn't let her down over a good few number of years. We aim for a gorgeous scent that both lasts a good amount of time and is strong enough to be detected but not overpowering . I'm such a sucker for some good packaging and this perfume has the lot! A perfume I have consistently found myself reaching for over and over again throughout the years is Bae-yonce's heat . I have two different variations of the … SEE FULL POST →

Nail Your Valentine's Day With This Simple Nail Art

With Valentine's day fast approaching, us girls have to get everything in check ready for a date night with the girls or a nice meal with our other halves. Something I personally love to do is be themed - on Valentine's I'll wear something cute with hearts on it or opt for red to really get into the Valentines day spirit. What better way to do this than through a bit of easy nail art? It'll be enough to get you right in the mood for lurrrveee. SEE FULL POST →

How To Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home*

Living in university halls can be a big step for students, particularly first years. I personally struggled at first and found settling in to be a huge deal. A huge factor in this, for me, was my room. It felt like a prison cell not somewhere I could chill out and relax and do uni work. I was fed up of the plain walls and a lack of fairy lights. SEE FULL POST →